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renter landscaping

my renter wants to landscape in the backyard.  While I am okay with that idea and will have to approve any changes, I don't think I should share in the cost.  I have long term plans to re-grade the area and probably eliminate whatever they plant.  My partner disagrees.  I welcome any and all input on this matter.

I believe considering you have plans to re-grade that area, you will receive no benefit from your tenant doing landscaping. SO I would be inclined to say, if the tenant wants to do it-he should pay for it, depending of course what your lease says. BUT...if this area is a hazard of eye-sore; than you may want to consider at least in sharing the cost. This way you have a happy tenant. A happy tenant is a tenant who pays and keeps the property good.
I would evaluate what is there currently and what they have in mind to do, and what their experience/knowledge is concerning landscaping, and how long they still have left in their lease.  Based on that, I would pay 50-100% of the plants and so forth, with a set maximum limit in mind.
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