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Company Sponsored Lease

Hi out there - does anyone have info on how to structure a lease wherein the company of an expat is the leaseholder and the family are the tenants?  I want to make VERY sure that we don't have any legal ambiguity here... Thanks!

For the sake of clarity, do you mean you're an American expat living overseas, and you want your employer to be liable on the lease? There are several issues here. First of all, if you are in fact overseas, make sure you use a lease agreement from that particular country. Second, if your employer is liable for the rent payments, then they generally sign the lease, not you (as is the case with my girlfriend, who's a traveling nurse whose employer pays her housing). Your question could also be read as your employer is the landlord, and you are the tenant, in which case you would simply use a standard lease.
Brian - We're the landlord, home is in this country, prospective tenants are expats.  Company has agreed to be leaseholder with employee & family as tenants.  Need to make sure we write the lease up correctly
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