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Credit Check and Unlawful Detainer

Just wondering if the Unlawful Detainer shows up in a credit report? I looked up a prospective tenats name in our court record and it shows a unlawful detainer however it doesn't give specifics about the person, ie, Drivers license number, birthdate. Anyway the "tenant" says that it is not her and so I was wondering if there was some way I could prove whether it is her or not.  The only reason why I am inclined to believe her is that my husband is currently going through a case where someone with the same name was confused with him.  Help I am so confused.
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Theoretically speaking, an eviction should show up on a credit report, especially if a judgment was pursued. I would definitely pull the applicant's credit report either way, to see how their payment history on all their bills look. Best of luck, BD
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