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tenant wants to change  rent due date

the tenant move in  on the 13 of the mounth now she seed that all her bills  are coming in on the same time of the mounth what do i do she sied that she cant pay intil the 30 of the mounth besides a late fee what can i do she whants to chage here due date to the 30  how do i do this
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Here is how I would handle it.  You could pro rate the rent up to the 30th.  So lets say she owed 2000 on the 13th.    That makes an 18 day difference.  (redo the math of course)  2000/30 = 66.66.  66.66*18=1200.  So ask her to pay 1200 on the 13th.  Then REWRITE THE LEASE and have the 2000 due on the 30th?  I am not an expert so please confirm my idea makes sense with someone else.  She won't like this because it puts her paying what she should but she does get what she asked for, a new lease date and due date for rent.
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