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S.S#'s, Landlord ref. and holes

I spoke to this nice gentlement severeal times on the phone.  He said his credit was 770 and between him and his wife they made of 200K a year.  Sounded like the dream tenant.  When the came to look at the home, which they loved, the sent the application back without the s.s.#.  The would give us this when they got their lease signed.  With a note saying not to contact their landlord until the lease was signed.  Plus many blanks from the E-Zlandlord form was not filled out.    I said that the S.S.# was required.  He was concerned about identify theft.  Ended up with a NO DEAL.   What are the chances, that since he was an engineer, or so he said, that he over thought the S.S.# thing and I lost a great tenant because he was over cautious?
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Most EVERY manager and real estate agent will NOT rent to a tenant without a background check. People talk a BIG game. If this same guy were to apply for a mortgage, car loan or credit card, he would have to give someone his SS#. It sounds VERY fishy to me. I think it may be a blessing in disguise that you did not get him as a tenant.
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