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Lawn Equipmnet

Should I have the tenant sign a waiver of liability to allow them to use the lawncare equipment in the house? They will be handling the mowing and edging with my equipment and I want to make sure that they don't sue if they manage to hurt themselves. The equipment is in good condition. If I should do this, what form would you recommend? Thank you!

Here are my thoughts.   If they want to take care of the lawn then perhaps they should have there own equipment.   This way if they break something they will not have an excuse that you must replace it before they can actually mow.  Now here is a better idea, have a service come in, probably cost you no more than $60.00 per month and you then get to check in on the up keep of at least the outside.   Feels like your leaving yourself open for problems by providing them something more to break.  Also solves the liability problem.
Brie what I know is this , if he is cutting your lawn and he gets hurt , or hurts somone else, he is working for you , therefore your his employer , do you have workmans Comp?  I have found  with some tennants when times get tough they will look for a way to cheat you.
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