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clean and handleing not caring

How do you handle someone that just has no shame on being clean or taking care of the things like screens and dirty windows . I want to buy a new screen door but I know its going to look like a old screen door in a matter of weeks . From the garage to the basement its either cluttered or has a smell,. with dirty clothes or blankets I would be totally ashamed to have somone come over my house and see this ,  Its like if someone turned a very large fan on and threw all of there clothes in front of it and let them land where they may never mind the stink.

If the problem persists, you can always send them an eviction notice informing them that they have violated the lease agreement and must either address the violation or vacate.  One way to prevent this from happening in the future is to perform frequent inspections, and making sure the tenants know that if they violate the cleanliness clauses in your lease agreement you'll serve them with an eviction notice. In most states, if the landlord has to serve the tenant with a certain number of eviction notices in the same year, the lease agreement can be terminated before the term ends. Best of luck!
Generally if a tenant's living conditions pose a health hazard; you can begin eviction. If your lease specifies specific cleaning and conditions and the tenant is in violation; then you most likelly can evict. Clutter although bad doesn't necessarily indicate a health hazard. If there is old food; dirt; animal feces and such, you woul dhave no problem. But clothes, books and what not being strewn probably would not warrant an eviction. NOW- if the outside of the property is looking bad, that also may be grounds for eviction. Also: Whenever I replace anything, I make sure that I iniclude in the lease or I draw up an addendum, that the (item) is new and has been replaced on (date). This item is expected to be returned in the same condition and any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be subject to......
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