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Pre Screening on the phone - Survey

Hello,  Someone asked for a phone survey and I found a really great site I wanted to share,  Also I wanted to post the survey and be certain that all I was asking was legal.  Probably so since it will eventually be revealed in the application process, but wanted to make sure what I ask is okay.  Here is the survey.   ¿ What is your name, phone number and current address?   ¿ What is your job and who is current employer?  ¿ What is your gross  income?  If you don't have a job, what is your income source? E.g. from parents or welfare support  ¿ How long have you been employeed by current emp?  ¿ If less than 5 years who employeed you before?  ¿ What is your credit score? Do you have a credit report that you can show me? ¿ How many people will be staying on the property with you? Are you a smoker? Does anyone who will be staying with you smoke? ¿ What is your reason for moving away? ¿ Who are your previous landlo

These are all questions that are answered when tenants fill out the rental application form. What is the benefit of doing phone interviews, when the prospective tenants may not even show up to the open house? Just a thought.
I just got done painting my rental and another good thing to ask is do they have animals because dogs scratch to get out .
First I might mention that the response to my add has been extrodinary.   Therefore trying to do a phone survey can save time in the long run and help weed out.  In fact when I told them I had questions to ask a few people all of a sudden avoided answering their phone.  By speaking to people on the phone and asking these questions you can acquire a lot of information that will help you make a wise choice.  People will reveal more in casual conversation.   For me an open house may not be such a great idea because I would not get to read the "cues" given while they walk through the home and hear questions they may or may not ask if they have my sole attention.    I do think my situation is a bit unique because of the great location and curb appeal.  I guess depending on what your add response is would dictate how far you need to bend to get your home rented.  If I was renting an apartment I would definatly do it different.
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