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Evicting a family member

My brother is a tenant in my father's rental home.  He pays his rent every month, but it's always late. He has to pay the rent on the 1st, then my father tried to give him a break and said he can pay by the 15th.  My brother pays by the 31st every month.  Making my father's credit late.  He's making my father's credit bad and my father don't know how to tell him to get out.  Is there a notice he can give my brother about being late all the time?

Does he have a tennancy agreement with your farther stating when the rent is paid. If he does  being late is a breech in the contract which is grounds for eviction
I know, that's what I told my father.  But, he doesn't want to evict my brother and his wife and grandkids.  So he's at a hard place.  I was wondering if it was some kind of notice he can give him to put fire under his feet?  I feel so sorry for my father, and I'm so angry with my brother.
I think he has a lease.
what do we do. my byfd brother had no where to go so he asked if he could stay with us until he got on his feet. boyfriend said only for a short time and when you do get work pay 45 a wk.that was agreed upon a spoken agreement,now it has been 3 months he has worked several jobs and has not paid any rent ,his mother however gave us some furniture she did not need, we felt it was a gift,now she said its was worth money towards rent.he doesnt want to pay and is doing illegal drugs in our home, how do we evict him.and does he have the right to put a lock on his door, when he knows our food cabinet is in the room.
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