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i am brand new to the rental world and could use a little insight  we will be renting out a 1999 4 bed 2 bath trailor in missouri with a septic system . could use some education on protecting ourselves and at the same time making our tenants feel welcome . what needs to be in writing and what can be done with a hand shake and a smile

The lease is your most important document. It is the "bible" for the landlord and tenant. It creates the relationship and sets up responsbilities, boundaries, rules and regulations. Mobile homes or trailers in many states may have a few different landlord tenant regulations. Some good information can be found at: Missouri Landlord Tenant Consumer Guide. The ezlandlord Lease is packaged with a welcome letter and more. Good luck and I am sure it will be a great experience.
Carl first of all renting in life isn't always fair You have respand onsibility in protecting the people that rent from you and yourself . First and most important is a credit check. If they can't pay you you are stuck with them in your rental until it goes to court or they leave without money Make sure you have liability insurance. Are they going to have pets . Do a inspection with them and a checklist on conditions and have them sign off on it  Take pictures on the condition of the property Do a back ground check Pets urinate, bite people , and chew  not all but beware How about snow removal  lawn care and trash . I would have the board of Health do a inspection and have them give you the okay to be real safe . What happens is when people run low on say a car payment , they pay the car payment with the rent and then they try to find a reason not to pay the rent not all people are like this but usually a credit check will weed them out Once you give them the keys they have possession
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