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Help! - First tenant move out - security deposit questions

We just had our first ever tenant move out of our rental home in California and are in a quandy over what or what not to charge for or withold from the security deposit.  There was a lot of cleaning that was missed (baseboards not wiped, cobwebs in ceiling, carport and back patio were not rinsed).  The backyard had a lot of overgrowth that was not kept trim and there is some damage to the automatic irrigation.  Most disturbing, the tenant nailed plastic clips around the entire wood trim for xmas lights and they are begining to rust and will eventually rot the wood.  I do not want to be petty, but the lease stipulated that there were to be no improvements or alterations to the protperty without written consent from the landlord.  They also added a cable which was wrapped around house and then drilled trhough the wall.  The tenant was there for a little over two years.  Can anyone offer some help?
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First and foremost: Damage BEYOND normal wear and tear. This would be damage that is excessive such as the plastic clips you have mentioned. Take pictures and document EVERYTHING!! Make sure you keep receipts of all costs incurred. Be sure to follow landlord tenant regulations for California: Within 21 days after the tenant leaves the premises, the landlord must refund the full deposit, or provide tenant with written accounting, only deducting for unpaid rent, damage beyond normal wear and tear and necessary cleaning. Good luck!
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