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First renter

Hello.  I am trying to find out at what time I collect the security deposit and 1st months rent.  Any advice?

Lori , firstof all do you have a lease written , you usually recieve first , last and security at the begining of the tennancy You should maybe hire a lawyer to write up a lease if you do not have one , secondly did you do a background check on your prospective tennants? Is your rental up to code with no violations
Yes, up to code and I am currently running a background check.  My question is at what point in this process do I ask them for the security deposit?  I told them within 3 days of their application being accepted and the lease is signed.  Sound ok?
Hello Lori: The process of asking for a security deposit is your personal choice. BUT from my past experience, I ALWAYS ask before a tenant moves in. I either collect it upon lease approval or at lease signing. This web-site has a great lease. It is very easy to create!!
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