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Late and Dribs & Drabs

Do you think when someone is late paying and constant and giving them a break , would mediation help? If someone does not have the money , where can they go If you have a consciense am I in the wrong business , my tennant has things rehearsed , does not answer the phone is always broke . I  inherited this carpetbagger. with the utmost reference
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I think that you have to create a policy and stick to it no matter what. As soon as my tenants are late beyond the grace period-I send a late notice. If that is ignored, I usually send out an eviction notice in 3 days. If you stick to it, the tenant knows you mean business. I do not think you are in the wrong business. It is business though and you have to take your personal feelings at it. I have been through enough career deadbeats - to learn.
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