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Screaming and cussing tenants...what should I do???

I called about 2 things that the tenant needed to know asap.  1.) Cutting grass way too short, it'll burn up come summer.  2.)  Children's pool in backyard is a liabitity to me since the yard is not fenced in.  I talked to the wife on the phone, she was nice about it.  But the husband called me right back cussing and yelling, that information "is not in the lease" and he doesn't understand why they moved in, and that I'm way too "involved".    He just belittled me and my right to "be the landlord" if you will, I think anyways.  The part about it all being in the lease irrates me because am I suppose to put every possible thing in the lease??? It would be a city law book by the time I got done.  And should I document this phone call from him somewhere because I hung up on him?  He was really pissed and rude to me when I was telling him this information the benefit of both of us which he does not understand right now.  UGh! What to do with idiot tenants???

You might consider having them sign some kind of addendum to the lease, informing them that they are solely responsible and liable if they decide to put a pool in the yard. Review the lease you signed with them carefully to see what it says about the grass and yard, and to see what it says about pools, as it may ALREADY have clauses covering these things.
Thank you so much, I've been thinking about it all for couple days and I think I over reacted a tinsy bit.   I'll make sure they know the liablities of having kid's pools and tightened up the grass/yard terms for the lease.      As far so the tenant disrespecting me, I've come to other conclusions as well.   At the end of their lease I don't have to renew their contract for hot-headed, rude tenants.  I was worried what to do to document the events but then realized I have a year contract with them and that's it along with $1000 deposit.  I hold the power and he was disrespectful and rude to speak to me in that manner.     So it just goes to show what comes around goes around and always be nice, especially to your landlord if you are renting!  That home was my home and I take great pride in the work that makes it beautiful so I will find other tenants once our time is up.  Hope this helps rookie landlords like me!  Thank you for your information too.
Tracie , they enter like Mary Poppins and leave like Jack the Ripper . I have found  not to give them any ammunition  for harassment charges . Instead of talking I give them very little conversation. I usually write  if a notice has to be made. You own the property and they will have to move when there time is up . Watch how nice there will be when lease time rolls around.
I our area of Ohio, many communities require by law a safe enclosure to prevent accidental drownings or unauthorized entry into swimming pools, not so much kiddy pools. Check with your local zoning department for rules and regulations on this. Then let them settle it. If they signed a lease that stated that they agreed to abide by all local laws and ordinances, then they are in violation. Plain and simple!
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