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damage to property

my renters vacated the house 1 month early and left rent due and late fees plus over $4000.00 damage to property.  They had a $850.00 deposit.   What are my recourses

You can go through with the eviction, or you can sue them in small claims court; either way you'd theoretically win a judgment against them. However, keep in mind that there are money and time costs involved in doing so, and you may not be able to collect that judgment. If I were you, I would file the eviction yourself listing all the expenses, bring documentation for them all, and then wait for them to come to you to pay the judgment. It'll probably take a few years, but eventually they'll need that off their credit report in order to borrow money, and they'll pay.
Or you can report them to the credit bureaus.  This is the easiest, least expensive thing you can do.  It may be reported for up to seven years from move out.  I have a blog on this issue at or email me at  Good luck, Bill
how do you report them to credit bureaus? do you have a link for were we can do this?
To report previous tenants to all three credit bureaus, go to my blog: and read the article "Reporting a Tenant to the Credit Bureaus".  There is a link in the article where you can register and report your previous tenants.  Good luck! Bill Gray
I have a blog to i started for us landlords thanks I will check out your blog!
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