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Strange request

I hope a couple of you will understand and want to talk to me outside of this forum.I need some advise and am needing some privacy as well. If you are comfortable w/this,I would love to figure out a way to do so.Thanks. And yes,this does have to do with the topic,I'm not trying to sell anything....

Make sure that you take pictures of ALL damages and complete an inspection report of all the damages. Send your tenant a list of these items plus any outstanding rent subtracted from any deposit. Each state has specific criteria for handling a security deposit. In Florida it is: Notice by landlord: When the lease has ended and you have moved out,  landlord has 15 days to return your deposit only if the landlord does not intend to make a claim against the security deposit. If a claim against a deposit is made, then the landlord has 30 days to give you written notice (by certified mail, to  the tenants last known mailing address) that a claim has been made and what the claim is for.
Thank-you for understanding and letting me use this forum. I was having a severe  tenant issue as a first time residential owner.We had no lease between us  as it was between friends. I have major damage to my home and have lost two appliances. The tenants are actually waiting for their deposit back. They have also taken personal possessions of mine as the home was still semi-furnished. This is not the end of it,but thought I would spare all the details. Any suggestions. I have called two attorneys,but have yet to hear back from them.
I rented my home to tenants with a lease 3 weeks ago.   This couple has been arrested for major burglaries and drugs since then and have not provided me with a tenant's insurance policy as required in the lease.  Is this enough of a breach to evict in Maine?  Also the yard is not mowed at all, which is also in the lease.  I dont' want to get myself in trouble here.  Any advice is much appreciated.
Melissa you already have your name out there so I'm sure anyone who knows you has already figured things out anyway.  Good luck.
I understand ,I left many details out due to a privacy problem I have had with a tenant. I was hoping to get help and advice from someone who can help with many issues in a first time situation. I need to do this off this site as I feel they may have access here. Does that sound bad?I feel Like I don't have security here.Thanks for understanding.
Hi,  You don't provide any detail whatsoever on the issue you have, so I think it would be hard for people to approach you, not knowing if they have the knowledge, or experience you need to assist.  Can you provide any more detail?  Are you a residential landlord with a problem tenant; dealing with equity issues; have a contract question?  What?  I think if you can offer up something that could give insight into your problem, you'll be more apt to get a response AND get assistance from someone who's actually qualified to help.  Just my thought.  Good luck!
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