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Partial and late rent

Hello,  I have a tenant that has a month-to-month lease. Last month, my tenant gave me only half the amount of rent she owed because she had deducted expenses for painting cabinets. She did the work without any approval, so I have sent her several notices to pay the remainder. However, I did deposit the check for the partial amount because i didn't know that that was a no no. Is it still possible for me to give her the 14 day notice to quite for non-payment of rent for the partial amount?   She also didn't pay me for rent on June 1st, so I know I can send her the notice for that, but should I even include the partial payment amount that she owes plus late fees in the notice, or is it too late since I deposited the portion she gave me?  Finally, she has given me last month's rent when she first became a tenant. How do I treat that amount if I am giving her a 14-day notice ? Does it just automatically count for this month?  The property is in Massachusetts.  Thanks!
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You can still send her an eviction notice to pay rent or quit for the partial amount. The whole issue of not accepting partial rent is only if you've already started the eviction process, because then you'd have to start it over. Have you spoken with her about this yet?
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