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24 hour notice

In Ohio the lease agreement states you must give the tenant 24 hours notice before entering. Does that only apply to entering their apartment or does it also apply to the property?  Example: if a family member lives in one of the apartments. Do the other tenants need to be notified every time you are there visiting your family member?

Only the rental unit they have a lease signed on. If it's a 4 unit apartment building, you don't have to notify the other 3 units' tenants just because you enter 1 unit.
A social visit where you are an invited guest is different than an entry made for inspection, repairs or emergencies.
In Oregon does anyone know when I give a 24 hour notice i.e: Monday to let my tenant know that I will be there to inspect on the weekend (I live out of town) , do I need to specify the acutal day I will be there?  I gave 5-6 day adavance notice.  Does the tenant have to be present for me to go in the home?  Thanks
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