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tenant ends up in jail

tenant was arrested her friends came in and took her things. some things where left i locked them up. how long do i have to keep them. tenant still owes months rent. left old motor home couple of cars that do not work. how do i get rid of them.

I'm not an attorney and am not particularly familiar with California landlord tenant law, however in most states the tenant should theoretically be able to remain on the lease as long as they continue to comply with its terms (ie paying the rent on time, making sure the property is maintained, etc). When/if they violate the terms of the lease agreement, at that point you can (theoretically) go through the normal eviction process to reclaim possession of the property.
California law has clear and concise procedures for abandoned property: To dispose of personal possessions which apparently have been abandoned, the landlord should take the following steps: 1.Write a notice to the former tenant or tenants.  [No notice is required for former tenants who were evicted under a writ of possession.15 A notice already is contained in the writ of possession form which the sheriff is required to serve upon the evicted tenant or tenants.]  OR Write a notice to any other person whom the landlord believes may be the owner of some or all of the abandoned property. Check the landlord tenant laws in your state for more specific details.
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