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tenants personal property

My daughter and son in law were staying with her dad and his wife, paying them 150.00 every 2 weeks.Her stepmom decides she doesnt like them and on the 3rd of the month tells them they have to move out on the 15th. They comply, and say they will be back as soon as possible to get the rest of thier belongings.they say ok. now his wife calls and says they are charging them 5.00 a day to hold thier stuff, and other money for the fridge not being cleaned and the bathroom being messy.They were staying in an extra bedroom.There is no contract, nothing signed.  Can they keep thier stuff, or can my daughter show up with an officer and get her stuff?
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This is tricky because if there is proof that $150 was being paid every two weeks - this may establilsh a lease agreement between the parties. If that is the case then the landlord tenant laws would apply. See below: When premises are rented for an indefinite time, with monthly or other periodic rent reserved, such tenancy shall be construed to be a tenancy from month to month, or from period to period on which rent is payable, and shall be terminated by written notice of twenty days or more, preceding the end of any of the months or periods of tenancy, given by either party to the other. THEREFORE: It seems to me that their step mother has not given them proper notice of 20 days.
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