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Pet Abandonment

I had a tenant that recently abandoned a property of mine, she left behind a cage with three cockateils....what are the steps I need to take for this situation?

Theoretically speaking, the birds would fall under abandoned personal property, I believe, so it would depend on whether your state has laws regulating what the landlord does with abandoned personal property. Because they're living pets, you might consider taking them to the SPCA or other animal shelter. But make sure the tenant really has abandoned them, because the last thing you want is to be sued over a few birds left at your property. One of the stranger stories I've heard today... best of luck!
I had a tenant leave a kitten inside of a shoebox in the apartment.  When I went to inspect the apartment three days after getting my keys back is when I found the kitten, Yes, still alive.  I immediately gave it some food and water and gave it away to some neighbors that heard about this happenning.
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