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Indiana Eviction Proceedings

I've had rental properties for the last 10 years and done OK.  However, for the first time, I'm running into tenants who made need evicted.  They've been chronically late with 2 of them owing for June and another owing for May and June.  I've prepared Notices to Cure or Vacate from the EZLandlord site as my first step with the intent to hand deliver them tomorrow.  Can anyone tell me what the next step would be, should they not bring their rent and lates current by the due date?
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The next step is filing for eviction, with your local rent court. Often each municipality has its own rent court forms, so I would go to your county's website or call up the courthouse for details about filing for eviction in rent court. From there they set a hearing date, you both show up and give your sides, etc, and the sheriff's office sets an eviction date.
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