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Have tenant that never renewed lease-wont pay rent-do they have any rights?  Isnt that squating?

Need advice on direction to evict tenant.  Have a tenant who never renewed lease due to always paying 80% of rent.  Informed tenant that we needed to get current before we could renew lease. Limped along with that situation since Feb 3rd 2008. Tenant has no lease, and now stopped paying all rent. With no lease, can't I immediately take control of premises and extricate these people? Do I have to still give them an eviction notice? What rights do they have without a lease? Lansing, Illinois

I hate to tell you, but you have to go through the regular eviction process, and you would even if they were squatters who NEVER had a lease. Even squatters have rights in this country, for better or worse.
In most States if one does not sign a lease it goes into contract law as A Month to Month lease. So as Brain D. so stated, you still have to go through to hassle of Evicting the tenant in a Court of Law. You will be able to seek ALL rental monies due for each month the tenant has failed to pay. Again, always seek legal advise in these matter as most folks Posting advise, like me are not Lawyers.
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