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On what grounds can/should I evict my tenant?

I have been renting to my tenant since February 1st, 2009 (A 1yr lease). I think I have several reasons to evict but I'm not sure which reason to proceed with. REASON 1:  I have been told that his 15 year old son (whose not on the lease and just recently moved in) is growing marijuana in my home and he's been asking the neighbors if they know where to buy any marijuana. REASON 2: Every check the tenant has written has bounced. REASON 3: Rent has been late every month. And, the water bill is always paid to me late. REASON 4: Tenant bought a school bus that sticks out of the driveway quite some distance.  I am up to nearly 1000.00 in Association fines because of he WILL NOT move it & he won't pay the fines. Tenant is now ignoring all of my calls and, of course, not returning them.  I know that I need to act soon and any advise would help. Thank you
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call the cops have the grower arrested. then have the bus towed.then start eviction for tenant allowing marijuana to be grown in or on the property. use any money from deposit to off set association fines. take them to small claims court for balance of 8 months.
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