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New rental owner

The previous owners of rental property I just bought did not have a signed rental agreement with tenants.  Tenants have no job and she claims she is 5 weeks pregnant.  Rent is due 'between the 5th of the month' according to tenants.  They do not have rent for this month.  Any suggestions on how to get current tenants out so I can re-rent home?  Would they be considered squatters?  or trespassers? What would be the quickest way to get them out with the law on my side?
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When no written lease is present, that does not mean that there is not an agreement present. There is a verbal agreement usually in place and generally rent would be due based on the precedent set by the past collected rent. For instance, if this tenant has paid monthly in the past then the verbal lease would be considered monthly.  If your county is under the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act; you will need to give a 7 Day Notice. To determine this, contact your local courthouse.
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