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Email communication with tenant

Once the lease agreement is signed by both parties, is email a viable option for communication between the landlord and tenant? Phone is obviously the best option for simple communication, but if I need to send documents/notices, is email a good option to do so (as opposed to relying on traditional media like USPS, courier). Seems like technology should be used as it can make the process faster and cheaper, but not sure what the downsides could be.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Email is becoming more and more recognized as a viable means of communication. I would suggest though if the communication involves a dispute or possible court action to get a "read receipt" AND mail your documents as well. There are many judges who do not approve of email as a legal means of communication.
Landlord1. WHAT I have found is I doccument everything , date everything , anything important I have the tennant sign for it . I have found tennants that are somtimes behind use answering machines and say they never recieved your message. , be carful keep a paper trail and keep there messages as well.
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