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Lease basics

I am discussing finalizing the lease with a prospective buyer. I am past the reference checking point and would like to finalize and sign the lease as soon as possible (so that I am at peace that I no longer need to hunt for tenants). Few basic questions in taht regard:  1) I plan to share the lease with the tenants via email, so that they get adequate time to review the lease on their end. Is that something that landlords do? I just think email is a great way of going back and forth until we settle on somethign we both agree on. The final agreed upon version can then be hard-copy and signed by both parties.  2) How soon before move-in date is the lease typically signed? I would like to get the lease signed ASAP, but not sure if it is tied to the move-in date.  3) At what location is the lease supposed to be signed? At the location of the rental? or in front of a notary? in the court?
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1. Emailing the lease back and forth is fine. 2. It doesn't matter when you sign the lease, as the lease specifies its own start date for them to move in. 3. You can sign the lease anywhere, but it usually makes the most sense to sign it at the property.  As a final note, don't sign the lease and give them the key until after they pay you the first month's rent and the security deposit. Best of luck
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