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my Room Renter in Arizona

I have a guy Renting a Room on a month to month lease in my House in Arizona. He has an old car that has been leaking a large puddle of steering fluid onto my driveway now for months. I have asked him time and time again to please clean-up his mess and put a metal pan under his car. This has been going on for many months now. He keeps saying he'll take care of it, but he isn't. Now I just received a notice from the HOA that the oil and the stain on the driveway must be removed by the end of the month. I am tired of begging this guy to clean his mess to no avail. I think I read that Room renters are not required to received 30 days notice to vacate like house or apt renters are. Is that true? If he refuses to move his car from my driveway, can I have it towed away? Can I have the local sherriff's dept. do anything? Thanks!
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By breaking the HOA rules, and damaging the driveway, he's in violation of his lease. You can therefore take any of the normal approaches (non-renewal of lease, eviction notice to cure or vacate, etc). Good luck!
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