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Holding the rent money hostage..

I have a new renter that just moved into my townhouse. She is calling everyday wanting me to come and do things to the townhouse (I.E Paint the closets, clean the cob webs...) I am getting suspicious that if one of her little requests get denied she will withhold the rent payment until her request is completed. Does she have a right to do this in the state of MN???

Your tenant may withhold rent BUT the burden will be on her to prove it in court. If she does so you can proceed with an eviction suit accoring to your state laws. Generally a judge does not take these things lightly. I cannot imagine a judge awarding in her favor for unpainted doors or cobwebs. It would have to be a situation that makes the rental "uninhabitable".
When the tenant moved in ... she took it "as is" ... landlord job is normal repairs ... air condition, etc.   If she hold out rent, start eviction process immediately
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