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When can I have the apt back?

2 flat IL, I live in 1 apt. Lease was up 5/4. 3/19 I left note if she wanted to renew, rent would go up 5/15. 3/31 she says no new lease, can she stay til 6/14 at old rent, can she get sec dep back now in full. I said rent goes up, sec dep back after she vacates, returns keys, walk thru, there are already deductions for repairs. 5/14 I left note to show apt 5/17. She left note 5/16 saying 5/17 wasn't good. I called & said it was too late. The apt was filthy. Next week just as bad & new damage. 5/31 she says she's giving 2 wk notice, most stuff will be out 6/7, which she did, & would finish on the 14th & clean. She saw my grown son & told him how much fun I'll have when she left, she has plans, pointing to her head "you don't mess with crazy." Prospective renter came 6/7, most furniture out & the place was in worse shape, now you can see all the underlying dirt. If she doesn't remove her stuff 14th, can I take out garbage, change outside locks, do I have to wait til midnight?
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I would wait until 6/15. It's stories like these that illustrate why you need the biggest possible security deposit.
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