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First, Last and Deposit

What are you legally allowed to ask for in CA?

In Calilfornia pre-paid rent is considered security deposit, therefore 2 months rent is the maximum prepaid rent and/or security deposit a landlord may collect.
What are you legally allowed to ask in Florida?
So, my rent is 1,300. For a new tenant I can only ask for 2,600? Does the extra 1,300 go towards their last month of rent, or get refunded as a security deposit?
Louise, in addition to what Helen wrote, you can collect up to 3 months rent if the unit is furnished in Ca. ....... Able... not sure why anyone would call a part of the deposit "Last Months Rent?" If you do and the rents were increased over the years, when a tenant leaves you CAN NOT collect the going rent. Tenant only owes you the amount when they 1st moved in due to the fact that you call a specific amount "Last Months Rent." Something to consider unless you're limited to the amount you can collect as security deposit.
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