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swim swam

What would you do if you went to your rental and someone put up a above ground pool up without asking for permission. , its one of those hard plastic ones about 4ft high , I am checking on the laws and rules , but they never asked. There is nothing in my rental agreement about a pool installation

Is there anything in your rental agreement about gaining the landlords approval for any changes  or alterations to the property? Either way, I believe that beings the fact that this type of pool can damage the lawn - they would at least be responsible for that.
The problem is they never asked to put up this pool and the law says they need a fence around it  which is a building code violation , there is no fence around it
Not to mention the insurance problems you'll have.  Make them get rid of it ASAP.  Serve them a notice to perform (remove) immediately due to the code violation.  Also check your lease/rental agreement.  If the subject is not covered, in some way in your agreement, amend your agreement with them right away to include it and add it permanently to future agreements, so this doesn't happen ever again.  If it is covered in your agreement, remind them, in writing, that this is a violation of their agreement and that if it happens again, they WILL BE served with a notice to vacate.
Give notice immediately that they are to remove the pool and that it is a lease violation as well as a town code violation. I would further explain that if it is not removed within XX number of days, that you will have it removed at their expense including any damage that was created to the property.
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