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Background Check & Credit Check

Which website do most of you find utilize to perform credit & background checks?  I found the links section in EZ forms for suggestions, but I was wondering if theirs something not mentioned or better?  Thanks all!

I don't know of any, other than the 2 listed in the Links section. I talked to someone who worked for EZ LL a few weeks back asking about the same issue, and they said they're actually going to be offering the service soon themselves.  Let me know if you hear of any more sites that offer them, and hopefully this site will improve on the services already out there.
I looked on one of the older posts, and found  I think I'm going to go with them.
I looked at and they seem to be a pretty good outfit.  Haven't used them yet but am planning on it with my upcoming tenant.  I got this website from another post here in the forums.
If your looking to check on Criminal history I personaly use a site and it's worked fine for me and the membership fee is a Great Price. go check out a site @ PUBLICDATA.COM  Hope this help all.
David, Did you go ahead and use yet? I just received a security deposit, but need to screen the prospective tenants.  I was wondering how it worked for you.  Any feedback is appreciated!
You can join The American Apartment Owners Association a Colorado based landlord association which helps landlords and apartment owners from all over USA. You will get lot of landlording services and property management advice from the people of there. They have various tenant screening packages from which you can choose a package suitable to your needs. Just google their name (American Apartment Owners Association) to get on their website. Hope it helps
Thank you so much Matt, I will take a look at that. I actually moved to CO., that's why I'm renting out the house.
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