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Are landlords required to give rental history?

Hello - I have been trying to contact an applicant's landlord for 4-5 days now to get his rental history, and have had no response. Are landlords required to respond to this inquiries? thanks
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Landlords are not required to respond.  If the landlord is not responding, doesn't that make you wonder, why not?   I used to own a duplex and would not rent to tenants who landlords did not respond.  Another choice you have is to run a police activity report for that address to see the activity at the house.  Make sure you do a background check, credit check ( get the proper paper work signed from the tenant first).  You can join a local Landlord Association, this is a good way to get to know your local landlords.  The good ones have no problem joining these types of groups.  This will also help you become a better landlord.  They normally have alot of discounts and insite to the rental business.
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