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Tenant keep trashing and breaking thinks in the Apts

Hi, any advice of what to do with a tenant that always has broken things in the apartment? one of my tenants is calling for maintenance every other week. it looks like all the "miracles" happen is his apartment... can i give him a notice that he will be charged for anything else that will be broken??

Much of this depends on what your lease says about repairs and maintenance. If you can prove that the repair is due to the tenant's abuse or negligence, generally you can charge for the damage.
Keep in mind tho' that if you do charge them for repairs (which you should, assuming it is in your lease/agmt, as it should be), you run the risk of them NOT reporting damage, which can lead to even more damage.  You need to determine if the tenant is worth keeping i.e. in today’s market, how easily can you re-rent, are the items small or large?  If the items are small, "save them up" and fix once a mo or so and bill the tenant.  Big items, ask them to leave.  Your lease should state they have to maintain/take care of the unit.  If it doesn't, add it.  If they are on a month to month, you can amend the agmt with 30 days written notice.  If they are on a lease and it’s in there, remind them they are in violation, if it’s not in there, add it as soon as you can.
I hope its not repair and deduct, these people can look for not paying , if the problem does not get better, look at giving him a 30 day without cause .
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