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need forwarding address

I have a tenant who is moving out, but she is not giving me a forwarding address. I think she is not going to pay any outstanding balances, and the security deposit i have woudl not cover the loss if she decided to not pay. looking for help on what are my options

You could try sending notice to your tenant that a forwarding notice is required. Or sometimes the post office will give you the info - or at least forward any mail you may send to this tenant. You could also take her to court.
if the tennent only gives a P.o. box how can i serve a notice to her ?
I was able to get my tenant’s forwarding address from the post office by referencing this page ( in the bottom section b [Customer Names and Addresses]-3-b-ii) and this page ( I pointed out that these pages state “To persons serving legal process. This includes persons empowered by law, the attorney for a part on whose behalf service is to be made, or a party who is acting pro se (the term pro se means that a party is self-represented, and is not represented by an attorney)”  and that I was indeed taking them to court. I sent this to the Manager Consumer & Industry Contact person at the main post office in Cleveland. I expect your local “main” post office has a similar person. Remember for the docket number, the wookbook states "if one has been issued".
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