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Security deposit not being returned

I recently moved out of the duplex I have been renting for 8 years.  I gave the landlord a 45 day notice as requested in my lease.  My 45 day notice ended on June 8th and we were out by the 8th.   I just got  a statement from my landlord saying I owe him 300.  He said I owed him for June rent, utilities/gas, trash removal, washer machine removal, water and grass mowing. I called his number and talked to his wife on the 7th and told her that I would come back and put the garbage and washer out on thursday night for garbage pickup.   Wife said okay, he ended up putting it out. We get fined by the city if garbage is out to early. I went back to do it thursday like i promised but he went over during the day and put it out. We mowed the grass before we moved, he is charging me for mowing the 3 wks we were not there in June. He is also charging me for June rent and utilities.  Utilities are not included in our rent.  Util company bills us.Can he still come back and charge me for any of this?
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Sorry I have been out of the rental business for about 4 years now (moved out of state) and I had a question regarding tenants for my mom (WI).  I don't think what he is doing is legal but just wanted to scratch other brains.
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