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Lease assistance

I am a landlord - I had 2 tenanats sign a lease, which starts today, august 1. The woman does not want her boyfriend to be on the lease, she called me today. She has paid all of the money,  first, last and the month security. She paid 2000 on july 24 and on the 27th when we went to collect the additinal 850, her boyfriend was there to also sign the lease. we feel she was scared of him. she paid the full amount, and now wants to be the sole person on the lease. Since it was starting today, august 1, can we tear it up and have her sign a new lease with just her??

Becky, unfortunately, because both tenants signed the lease in order to release one of them - they both would have to agree. It would be in your best interest to get this type of release  in writing and signed by both parties. You may even try sending the other tenant a notice of your intentions to remove his name from the lease. Send it return receipt requested as well as regular mail. Give him a reasonable amount of time to reply. At least than if no reply is received and it ever comes up, you can at least show a judge that you made every attempt to contact him.
i had a 12 month lease but we moved out the first of august and the lease is over the end of august, we were still going to pay the last month rent but they used our deposit to pay it, my question is the house just got rented so do we get some of our deposit back
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