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Lease option termination

Entered a lease agreement with separate option to purchase agreement.  Lease agreement states that it "Commences on 6/1/08, and continues on a month to month basis thereafter".  Separate Option to Purchase Agreement states that we can purchase the home at any time for up to three years.  We have choosen NOT to purchase the home, and would like to terminate the lease.  Am I correct in thinking that we can terminate, due to the month to month agreement of the lease?  That is the only TERM listed, there is no ending date, nor is there any specified term listed except for month to month.  2:    On June 7, Gave our notice that we would terminate our lease effective October 1st.  Have had several conversations with the landlord since then, and they never said they had a problem with this.  Yesterday, July 19, received an email from them saying they will NOT allow us to terminate the lease.  1.  Is there a timeframe in which they had to object?     Thanks for your help!
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Not being a Lawyer...I'd say you have what is known as a MOMTH to MONTH Contract. Check with a lawyer, but i'd guess you have every right to vacate the premise as long as you give the Lanlord a full -30 day NOTICE TO VACATE. Some States have Different Laws when it comes to a days to give NOTICES when it comes to Month to Month Lease. By all means call on a LAWYER as some States even have Laws that states that a Landlord is required to give you a written notice to you upon Move out as to if they are with holding your deposit or not and WHY.  So by all means call on a Laywer for you could come out a BIGGER winner with the Law on your side should you give proper Notice to Vacate an the landlord fails to refund the deposit in ample time as Law requires.
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