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Hi, does anyone know what responsibility a landlord has to a new tenant coming in on a 2 year lease, regarding painting the unit?  Is it after so many years since last paint job, or does it depend on length of lease, and/or waht tenant is customarily entitled to?  I heard about this policy, but cannot seem to find this info.  Thanks!

OR. I think N.Y. IS THE ONLY STATE WITH A LAW ON PAINTING . The way I would do it is subtract a portion of the deposit off of the painting , If the place is smudged deduct a portion , and if it needs to be painted deduct a portion , if it is over 2 years I let it go , smokers are terrible when it comes to cleaning walls as you might know , its the tar in the cigarettes that ruin shades and carpets and ceilings and somtimes furniture .
How will I get your answer?
If the tenant doesn't complain about it, and the paint is in good condition, you don't have to paint just for the sake of painting.
Shawn, we traditionally paint between tenants so it's something we do not mind as landlords. Since they will be there for two years, you prob will be re-painting when they move. You could suggest colors in the lease that are not permittted. Like bright colors such as shades of red or orange. Colors that are hard to paint over. Possibly permitting neutral shades, pale colors could also work.
I agree with Dawn, we paint in between tenants.
It is nice to have someone reliable rent that long.  And you want them to remain with you and happy.  I would just talk to them about it and if they want some repainting, then do it.
I agree with Jenna, if you want to keep your current tenants, you should improve conditions of the property. And I’m talking not only about painting. Make as much improvements as you can. It's very difficult to find good renters nowadays.
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