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Filthy tenants refuse to cooperate to let use show apt

When we finally do get a time to shoe the apartment, they conveniently forget to say we gave them the wrong date, and she goes to bed at 7:30 so we can't show the apartment to a couple who drove from PA to way north NJ see see apartments..what to do?

Send a written notice and hand deliver it as well as mail it. Make sure the date and time are BOLD. Does your lease have any specifications within about landlords right of entry?
In most (if not all) states the owner/manager can enter (for repairs, or to show) with proper 24 hr written notice.  But would you really want to?  Sounds like you're trying rent the unit, while it is occupied.  Usually NOT a good idea if the occupying tenant is resisting, or as in your case, if they are filthy.  Would you want to rent the unit, if you've only seen it in that condition?   If you're still determined, you might offer a financial incentive.  Discuss with them, tell them you realize it may be difficult to have the interruptions, etc. Offer to pay them $50 (rent discount?) or offer to let them out of their lease 2 wks early...... if the unit is kept clean and rented while they are still living there.  Get their input on convenient times to show and try to agree on set times.
Many landlords cannot afford loss of any rent or need to show a unit or for financial reasons are being forced to sell the property. i always include in my lease that a unit must be in a clean and showable condition. That is why I give them substantial notice. I will accept ignoring a notice once. But after that I will not. This is simply a breach of a lease condition. I am sorry but I do not agree with Jo Ellen. Times are difficult and tenants just need to cooperate. Tenants need to understand that there are rules to follow. If a tenant is communicating with me and letting me know they need some time, I will work with them but blatant ignorance does not deserve a reward.
We have tried to gain access to the apartment before to update electrical work and she would not give us a key to allow the electrician to enter, until she was able to be there all day with them. We heard from him that the place was filthy, they refused to eat, drink, or even use the bathroom in the apartment, at one point the one guy helping put on a mask he said because of the smell in the apt. Of course we do not want to show a dirty apartment I think that is  obvious.  Prior to posting the rental we sent a letter, mailed & hand delivered basically as notice that she is no longer going to be the one controlling things as she vacates.  We quoted specifically from her lease that it was her responsibility as the tenant to keep the apartment clean and presentable to show at all times, and that we were only required to give her 24 hours notice, however her incentive was that she could pick the days we were showing, she is now out by weeks end & hadbeen granted one day to show the apt.
We were not about to give her a reward for basically violating her lease.  Prior to showing the apartment since we didn't even know what it was like up there (the 10 bags of garbage on the curbside gave us a clue), we informed them that they had been there almost 10 years so basically EVERYTHING was going to have to be replaced and warned them of the possible condition and gave them the option of waiting til it was "move in ready" or they could see it now and allow them to have some input on what colors of paint we would use and if the tiles needed to be replaced they could provide some input.  We weren't going to guarantee that the walls would be painted purple, but at least there was a "reward" or "bonus" for having to see the apartment that way.  And they also get to see how much work was done like a before and after.  The price we have listed is great for where we are and over 1400 sq ft so there are lots of inquiries. But thanks for the words of knowledgeable encouragement. THX
I (almost) TOTALLY AGREE with you about NOT rewarding bad behaviour and showing your tenants who is in charge.  More landlords should.    Normally I WOULD NEVER PAY A TENANT TO DO SOMETHING THEY SHOULD BE DOING ANYWAY.  There are exceptions however.....  If the tenant is a slob and refusing to show and you're in a hurry to re-rent, it would be justifiable and much easier.  Now that you've explained just how bad the apartment is, I cannot believe you’re even wasting your time showing it AND RISKING LOOSING potential GOOD TENANTS.  Most tenants (people for that matter) cannot see beyond what needs to be fixed or cleaned or is disgusting and those who will take it anyway, are not the kind of tenants you want anyway.  You’re much better off leaving the tenant alone so she will continue to leave VOLUNTARILY, without forcing you to spend months evicting her while she doesn’t pay rent and trashes your unit further.  Then send her the ginormous repair bill…..
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