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Question about rental rewrite

Just purchased a four plex the end of June.  July 1st, one tenant said they didn't want to pay because they decided they were moving out.  I went through their lease agreement with them and they finally decided that it would be in their best interest to stay.  They were one day late and the woman (after stating she didn't get paid till the 3rd of each month) finally said 'fine, I'll just pay it today', and handed me a wad of cash and asked for a receipt.  She asked if the lease could be changed and I said I would be alright with writing an amendment.  My question for this issue is, I would prefer to write a new lease with the same dates of their current lease, but change the due date.  Is this ok to do, or am I required by law to write an ammendment?

As long as both parties agree, re-writing the lease is a good way to go.
Thanks Denise!  If I were to take a new lease agreement to the tenants, and they did not want to sign it, and they were then late on the 2nd of the month, can they come back and say that I had agreed to ammend their original lease, and not pay till the 5th?
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