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Garbage not being taken out by tenant

One tenant has a baby, and they have neglected to take the trash to the roadside two weeks in a row.  I placed a note on their door, and that week it was taken out.  Go out today and find that they've not taken it to the road, and it's causing the whole storage shed the garbage bins are placed in to really smell horrible.  I'm out of town this week and can't do anything in terms of a letter at this point.  What would be the best course of action to take for something like this?

Have the trash taken out, by yourself or a friend (NOT a fellow tenant).    Then sent the tenant a Notice (in writing) stating that they are in violation of their lease/rental agreement and that the trash must be taken out each week on XXX day before XXAM  (as appropriate).   Include a letter explaining to them that you realize that with a (new?) baby it might be difficult for them to take the trash out to the curb or wherever weekly.  Indicate in your letter that if they would like, you would be happy to provide this service for them, for a fee of $10, $15/wk or mo (whatever you feel is appropriate - this amount should include your time and gas, etc).  Be sure to indicate that you can start as of next trash day and will be more than happy to invoice them for the service and they can pay it with their rent payment each month.
$10, $15/wk or mo amount should be a bit high.  The idea is to get them to do it, not to hire you to do it............
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