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House leased to Non-Profit  Org. (homeless shelter)

Considering leasing my home to a non-profit organization that provides shelter for the homeless, etc.  What type of lease would this be written as and how will insurance coverage be handled?

Hello Beverly: I have rented to a Corp that provided housing to psychaitric patients. The lease was in the Corporations name. They were fully responsible. They were the ones who paid the rent/security deposit and so forth. They also had to provide me with a certificate of insurance for liability. They understood that their occupants were under the same rules that all my tenants were. I also made sure that I put a limit on the occupancy. For instance I had a 2 bedroom and only permiited 4 occupants. It ended up being very lucrative, my rent was paid all the time and they eventually ended up renting several of my units.
How did you determine or what was the insurance level appropriate for coverage for multiple persons in your home and the basic coverage stipulations. (Fire, injury, etc.)  I know... Contact an insurance company :)  Thanks for you help.
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