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How do I file (write) an amendment?

I have a tenant I am evicting, and I have arranged a court date. I am representing myself (no atttorney). Recently, new negative information has surfaced on my tenant and now I need to file an amendment. How do I file an amendment? I asked the clerk of courts  but they could not assist, they can only accept it once I have written and submitted it correctly. I am concerned about formatting it, and what are the key components. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately unless you start all over I do not know of any formal way to accomplish this. Some judges and courts will permit you to amend your complaint at the hearing. Frankly the chances of even collecting on a judgement are not great. My goal for court is getting possession retunred to me so that I can  re-rent and minimze any further loss. If your amendment only includes further non-monetary damages - try bringing them up during the hearing citing that these items occured after the original filing.
Thanks Helen, your input has been helpful. I was able to generate an official enough amendment and will take to the hearing next week. Also the court clerk accepted a copy for the file. Like you, the biggest thing we want is repossession of our property.  Take care...
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