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Smoking or non

I manage a few properties for the actual landlord in Indiana. He wants all of them to be non-smoking properties and for the lease agreements to state that there is to be no smoking in the rentals. And if any is done on the property all butts are to be picked up out of the yard and thrown away. I was under the understanding that in Indiana if you specify non-smoking only rentals that you had to also have rentals for smokers. Is this true? Or can I make all the properties non-smoking?

Indiana is one of the toughest state's regarding non-smoking laws. A landlord may make an apartment a non-smoking apartment and there is no law that I know of that makes the landlord provide an equal amount of units for smokers. Beware of the outside smokers in your apartment as in Indiana smoking is not permitted in any public lobbies, hallways and enclosed areas in common areas in apartment buildings.
My property is full of cigarette butts and the tenants told me they dont smoke when they rented the property. Can I put a nonsmoking sign up.
In an apartment where smoking is permitted, is nicotine build-up on the walls considered "normal wear and tear".  Apartment is located in the District of Columbia.
Non smoking ='s less damage, less wear and tear, less liability and ultimately less out of your pockets. Airing out and cleaning a smoked in unit takes more effort and longer than a room smoked in.
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