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making son move out

my son and girlfriend moved in last year because she was pregnant and they had no where to go. They were supposed to work on getting their life together, which they did not try to get jobs or anything. After they have broken into bedrooms on several occasions and stolen clothes, jewelry, and medications from other family members I gave them 2 weeks oral notice that they had to leave. Three weeks later and two more breakins I made them leave that evening with the help of the sherriff. They returned yesterday to get some of their belongings and upon trying to remove a mini fridge that did not belong to them the sherriff was called agin. The sherriff this time treated me bad and insisted I had to give them a 30 day legal eviction notice. They have never paid rent and. Can I legally tell them to leave orally.
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Often times with domestic disputes the police get frustrated because it is a constant flurry of calls. They get involved and remove the party only to be called again because the offending party has been permitted to enter once again. Cut your losses, do not let these people EVER come into your home again!
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