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Property left in rentaL

my daughter lived in an apartment complex for two years and recently moved to a bigger unit 4 doors down. When moving, she left some items in the unit she was leaving. upon inspection, The management noticed the items but did not make any attempt to let us know they were left. My daughter assumed her roomate packed the items with her, as they were moving together to the new unit. within 10 days of moving my daughter asked of the items and they said yes they were there, but when they went back in they were gone. Does my daughter have any rights to replacement? She had turned her key in to the rental, but as I said moved 4 doors down in the same complex owned by the same people.
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I believe the state has requirements, so search for "abandoned property" in relation to your state and a rental.  In NJ you have to send a certified letter to the previous tenant and they have 30 days after they receive the letter to claim the property.  If they charged her for removing the property then she knows they moved it.  Also look through the lease for that apartment (she should have a copy) and see if there is a clause that deals with property left in the premise after surrendering the premise and keys  back to the property management.
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