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Guest not on the lease living in apartment

I have a tenant that failed to disclose that her boyfriend would be living with her in the apartment she claimed it would be her 10 year old child and herself. My lease that the tenant signed clearly states that a guest can stay for a max. of 10 days during the 1 year lease term. I have asked her 3 times about him and she still claims he is a guest, plus when she is not in town he has keys to the place and makes himself right at home. I have asked her to add him to the lease ans allow us to run a background check, otherwise he has exceeded his ability to stay and she refuses to add him to the lease or allow us to run a background check on him. What legal rights do I have as a landlord and who will the courts side with? I am in PA.

I am not a  lawyer but a lease is a legal documment that is what the rules are for living in your rental. They clearly broke you tenancy agreement which is a violation and can lead to a eviction, I would get a alawyer as quick as possible
In FL when a tenant commits a correctable violation of the lease, you must give them a 7 day notice to correct the violation and not ever commit the violation again through the balance of the lease.  If they don't comply, you can start eviction immediately after the 7 days, but at that point, I would get an attorney to do the eviction.
Call the Police: then call an attorney  1. Notice to Cure 2. Notice to vacate  3. Call the Police. Impartial 3rd party witnesses work well in court. It also helps to have documentation.   4. Neighbors to witness- any impartial witnesses what's your water bill look like- any spikes in usage? 5. Summary Eviction Process in Court
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