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Calif security deposit return

A tenant's security deposit was deducted for damage based on an estimate from a reputable company. All the proper info was sent to the tenant explaining the deduction with a check for the remaining deposit and within the 21 days. Is the tenant entitled to a receipt once the repair has been made?
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If the landlord made a good faith estimate of charges - The landlord is allowed to make a good faith estimate of charges and include the estimate in the itemized statement in two situations: (1) the repair is being done by the landlord or an employee and cannot reasonably be completed within the 21 days, or (2) services or materials are being supplied by another person or business and the landlord does not have the invoice or receipt within the 21 days. In either situation, the landlord may deduct the estimated amount from your security deposit. In situation (2), the landlord must include the name, address and telephone number of the person or business that is supplying the services or materials.  Within 14 calendar days after completing the repairs or receiving the invoice or receipt, the landlord must mail or deliver the tenant a correct itemized statement, the invoices and receipts described above, and any refund to which the tenant is entitled
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